Friendly links

You will find on this page some friend websites that we support. Visit them !

Déclic Pro, our web developer

Les Brebis de Cravent, a young and dynamic sheep breeder and sheep cheese producer in Paris area.

Effea Aguilera : self-presence, heart opening, to live in full self-agreement.

Elodie Brillaud, naturopath in Paris area (92) and Bordeaux

Guest house of Viviane le Pemp, at Kerity Penmarc'h

Ty Mam Gouz, guest house of Mr and Mrs Le Berre, at St Pierre Penmarc'h

Many thanks for the support given to our project are to:
Our Parents (†) without which this project would not have been possible
Our children who accompanied us with enthusiasm and affection
Our Friends in their benevolent presence, they will recognize themselves
Our neighbors and the people of this little corner of France with a warm welcome.